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AXION 950-920

400 hp. For real.

When massive pulling power joins forces with maximum user-friendliness to deliver unrivalled versatility and performance – you are sitting in the AXION 900.

AXION 950-920

400 hp. For real.

When massive pulling power joins forces with maximum user-friendliness to deliver unrivalled versatility and performance – you are sitting in the AXION 900.

Engine. Performance packaged.


Strong at heart.

A 6-cylinder, 8.7 l FPT (Fiat Power Train) Cursor 9 engine gets to work under a one-piece bonnet. The engine meets the requirements of the Stage IIIB (Tier 4i) emissions standard by means of exhaust aftertreatment with urea, and uses the latest common rail 4-valve technology, charge-air cooling and a wastegate turbocharger.

Visctronic – economical fan control.

With Visctronic electronic fan control the fan speed can be precisely aligned with engine temperature and load, directly linked to the engine ECU, ensuring that the engine always runs at the optimum temperature. The reduced fan speed lowers the noise level and saves valuable fuel with no unnecessary impact on output, which can then be converted into tractive power.

Constant output.

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve.


Rated output ECE R 120Maximum output ECE R 120
950405 hp410 hp
940375 hp380 hp
930345 hp350 hp
920315 hp320 hp


Full potential in any situation.

The multiple uses of a tractor in this class demand full potential in every speed range. The AXION's power is always available, even from a standing start. And the ECO PTO is designed to work at full torque and maximum output.


SCR – the urea-based solution.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, a process in which nitrogen oxides are converted into water and pure nitrogen. This is achieved by using a synthetic aqueous solution of urea (AdBlue®1), which is carried in an additional tank.

Fully integrated SCR system.

When designing the AXION 900, all the components required for exhaust aftertreatment were considered from the outset. This means that full visibility and accessibility are guaranteed. The SCR catalytic converter is safely housed under the bonnet where it receives a constant flow of cooling air.

Never lets you down.

For particularly cold conditions, a cold-start system is available to heat the engine cooling water, battery, fuel filter and SCR system. The urea tank is heated as standard and is also protected from the cold by the insulating effect of being integrated into the fuel tank. The SCR system lines are also emptied automatically when the engine is switched off to protect against freezing.